Freelance writer, mother of two.

From 2005 to 2010 I was a helluva doctoral student in city and regional planning.
Then I spent five years looking after my kids, freelancing,
and figuring out what I found meaningful.
As of spring semester 2015 I am back in the program.
The blog is my space to document my progression towards a completed dissertation
and things I find worth talking about along the way.

My focus is on economic development programs and immigrant entrepreneurship.
Other interests: public transit; transport costs and regional economies;
how public spaces reflect (and shape) social and cultural assumptions.

Basically years and years ago I read William H. Whyte's The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
and it had a great effect on me.

Also: occasional writer on management ideas for Which MBA?;
occasional music critic for The Singles Jukebox.

I enjoy getting serious about silly things.
Especially pop music and how it filters and gets filtered through people's experiences.
Ask me about these gentlemen at your own risk.

This website is a work in progress.

Finally: above image courtesy of Joel Mann, copyright 2006.
Do check out what he has to say about it.